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Our quarterly newsletter brings together all of our best articles throughout the past quarter. We strive to publish them in February, May, August, and November, but sometimes our actual work gets in the way.


Volume 17, Issue 2 - August 2019

CIR Staff, Board, and Volunteers of 2019
New CIR Team Members!
Collectible Volunteer Pins
Life in the White Mountains
Sheep at the San Marcos Foothills Preserve
Restoration of Hammond’s Meadow
SERCAL Photo Contest
Botanical Surveys of the Sierra Madre Potreros
There is Nothing Quite Like a CIR Backcountry Trip
Western Pond Turtle Profile


Volume 17, Issue 1 - Winter 2019

Letter from the Executive Director
The Wildflowers are Coming!
When Restoration Work isn't so Glamorous
What is Arundo and Why is it a Problem?
Field Report from the Los Padres Backcountry
Native Plants for Sale!
Native Plant Profile
Protecting our Native Grasslands
Upcoming events

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Volume 16, Issue 3 - Fall 2018

Letter from the Executive Director
Select Current & Upcoming Projects
Restoration on San Nicolas Island
Eradicating Tamarisk in the Los Padres National Forest
2018 in Review
Invasive Plant Eradication at the Carpinteria Salt Marsh
Oak Park USD Visits Anacapa Island
Why We Restore Habitat
Why Your Donation Matters
The Channel Islands Restoration Team
Donors of 2018


Volume 16, Issue 2 - Summer 2018

Letter from the Executive Director
Select Current Projects
Controlling Invasive Sea Lavender in the Carpinteria Salt Marsh
Wrapping up the Season on the Sisquoc River
Quotes from San Nicolas Island Volunteers
A Volunteer’s Perspective of Restoration on San Nicolas Island
Educational Service Trip to Santa Cruz Island
Salt Marsh Restoration in the Goleta Slough
The Channel Islands Restoration Team


Volume 16, Issue 1 - Spring 2018

Restoration on San Nicolas Island
Restoration at the San Marcos Foothills
Friends of the Island Fox Joins CIR
Restoration and Erosion Control Following Wildfire
Protecting the Natives at the San Marcos Foothills
Upcomming Events
Channel Islands Restoration Staff


Volume 15, Issue 3 - November 2017


Volume 15, Issue 2 - October 2017

Eradicating Tamarisk on the Sisquoc River

Endangered Butterfly Conservation at Burton Mesa

Eradicating Japanese Dodder in Lompoc

Continuing Work at the Santa Rosa Cloud Forest

Endangered Species Restoration at the Conejo Open Space

Working for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

Searching for Endangered Plants in the Carpinteria Salt Marsh

Eradicating Invasives at Coal Oil Point Reserve

Hammond's Meadow Grow-Kill Cycles

Thousands of Plants Installed on San Nicolas, More to Come

Upcomming Events


Volume 15, Issue 1.5 - July 2017

East anacapa Island Restoration with Pacific High School

How Rain Affects Restoration

Seeding the Clouds by Guest Author Bryan Snyder


Volume 14, Issue 2 - August 2017

Point Mugu Wetland Restoration

NFWF Funds Restoration Trips in the San Rafael Wilderness

CIR Hosts the Backyard Collective at the San Marcos Foothills Preserve

Restoration on Anacapa Island

San Nicolas Island Restoration

March Membership Gathering

Natural History Trips with CIR

Volume 14, Issue 1 - February 2016

Camarillo Plant Nursery

Earth Day Events

San Marcos Foothils

2015 Holiday Party Recap

Volume 13, Issue 4 - November 2015

Conserving the "Cloud Forest" on Santa Rosa Island

Upcoming Trips to San Nicolas Island

REI Funds Restoration Trips to Anacapa Island

CIR Stewardship of the San Marcos Foothills

CIR Provides Service Learning Trips to Elementary School

CIR's 6th Annual Holiday Party December 16th

Who Helps CIR when We Donate Our Time?

Volume 13, Issue 3 - August 2015

Fall Trips to Santa Rosa Island

Wrap-Up at Mission Canyon: Acheivments

Volume 13, Issue 2 - May 2015

CIR Sponsors Santa Cruz Island School Trips

Planting Completed on San Nicolas Island

CIR's New Office Relocation to Santa Barbara

Success at Earth Day Festivals

Volunteer with CIR at Summer Solstice Festival


Volume 13, Issue 1 - February 2015

Winter Rains Keep CIR Busy at Mainland Restoration Sites

Volunteer with CIR at Earth Day Festivals