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In this time when government funding for the environment has all but disappeared, Channel Islands Restoration urgently relies on the support of members to continue our mission to restore habitat and promote environmental education. With as little as $3 a month, you can become a member of Channel Islands Restoration and support our vital work.

Since our beginning, we've worked in more than 100 project sites throughout the Channel Islands and our local mainland with the help of over 10,000 individual volunteers (nearly 3,400 of which are kids from schools that would not otherwise have access to field trips or environmental education). With so much support from volunteers in our community, we're able to stretch your dollar to the farthest possible extent.

Until now, CIR has been able to do our work with the support of less than 200 individual donors since our start, but many of the agencies we depend on for funding are having their budgets slashed. Right now, CIR needs to depend on individuals like you to keep our habitat healthy and to introduce kids to nature.

In addition to supporting habitat restoration, your donation will give you access to the tiers of donor benefits, which includes things like invitations to private parties, t-shirts, discounts on natural history tours, and of course our sincere gratitude.

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Membership Levels and Benefits

Island Scrub Jay 2.jpg

Island Scrub Jay

$40 per year or $3 per month

Individual invitation to Spring Membership Picnic

Invitation to CIR hike with natural history experts

15% discount on CIR merchandise

CIR E-Newsletter and CIR sticker

Silver Lotus

$75 per year or $6.00 per month

All Island Scrub Jay Benefits

Channel Islands Flora & Fauna Field Guide

$15 discount on one Natural History Tour of choice

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Coastal Goldenbush

$100 per year or $8.00 per month

All Silver Lotus benefits

An invitation for two to the annual CIR Social

Personalized CIR Name Badge

A choice of a CIR embroidered cap or cotton t-shirt

Island Ironwood-1.jpg

Island Ironwood

$500 per year or $40.00 a month

All Coast Goldenbush benefits

Two spaces on an invitation-only CIR Natural History Day-Trip


Island Fox

$1000 per year or $80.00 per month

All Island Ironwood benefits

An invitation for two to our exlusive VIP Banquet

A complimentary space on a CIR Natural History Trip of your choice