An Evening with Tanya Atwater

Dr. Tanya Atwater recollects on her life's work as a pioneering female scientist in the discipline of marine geophysics. This event was held as a part of REI's Force of Nature initiative to get more women to embrace the outdoors - because outdoors is a level playing field. This video is produced by and made possible by generous donors.

East Santa Cruz Island Plants Playlists

by ondeerpath

Ken Owen discusses the many plants found at various locations on East Santa Cruz Island.
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Restoration Area beside Scorpion Creekbed

Videos in this playlist: Island Monkeyflower, Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat, Island Buckwheat

Near Ranch House

Videos in this playlist: Black Locust Tree (rev 5-11), Monterey Cypress, Cliff Aster, Peruvian Pepper Tree, Coyote Brush, Arroyo Willow, Jimson Weed, Milk Thistle, Kikuyu Grass, Short-Podded Mustard, Northern Islands Morning Glory, Sow-Thistle, Cliff Aster, Lemonade Berry

Marsh at Scorpion Anchorage ESCI

Videos in this playlist: Brewer's Saltbush, Saltgrass, Scorpion Marsh (2 Heath Plants), Scorpion Hillside

Hillside Near Scorpion Pier ESCI

Videos in this playlist: California Sunflower, Coastal Sagebrush

Ken Owen shot this video while Snorkeling Santa Barbara Island Landing Cove, Channel Islands National Park