Channel Islands Restoration is a 501c3 non-profit that works to restore habitat on the Channel Islands and adjacent mainland through invasive plant management, native plant propagation, and native plant installation. We work to promote environmental education on the Central Coast through lectures, service trips, and habitat restoration volunteer opportunities. We conduct research and monitoring programs to identify and inform further habitat restoration efforts.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Our work is only possible thanks to the tremendous amount of volunteer support we receive from our community. To sign up to volunteer and to be the first to know about new opportunities, head over to our Volunteer page and fill out the form.

San Nicolas Island Multi-Day Planting

Volunteers will continue to assist with our ongoing restoration work to install native plants in critical habitat.

Camarillo Native Plant Nursery

Join us to help grow and maintain native plants for CIR's restoration projects and sites! Working with CIR's experienced Nursery Manager, Kelle Green, volunteers will learn about native species and different horticulture techniques.

Sisquoc River Backpacking Invasives Removal

Join us as we trek through the verdant riparian (stream-side) forests along the Sisquoc River in search of tamarisk - one of the most devastating invasive plants in the American Southwest.