Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering on San Nicolas Island (SNI)

Who can volunteer on San Nicolas Island

Per navy regulation, volunteers must be US citizens over 18 years old and have current medical insurance. Additionally, the nature of work requires volunteers be physically and mentally fit.

How will we get to the island?

The Navy provides flights to and from San Nicolas Island.

When will we leave and get back?

It depends and we won't know specific times until a few weeks ahead of the flights, but typically flights to SNI leave in the morning and flights return to the mainland in the afternoon.

Where will we sleep / do I need to bring camping gear?

We'll stay at the on-island hotel. Hotel room fees are covered by CIR, but we would greatly apprecaite a donation to help offset the cost (though this is not necessary).

Do we need to bring our own food?

Yes, although there is a bar/restaurant on SNI, it isn't open for

How long will we work each day / will we have spare time?

Firstly, these are not leisure or sight-seeing trips, we really need your help to do this work. To answer the question, it depends on the tasks required and how many people are on the trip, but typically it can range from 6 - 8 hours a day. One of the largest factors in determining the length of each work day is how many people come on the trip. If a person signs up, is accepted, but then drops out, we can't replace them and therefore the work gets harder for the rest of the volunteers. Please don't register unless you're sure that you can make it.

Can we bring snorkel gear / a surfboard / a kayak / etc.?

In short, no. There is a weight and size limit to what you can bring on the plane. Plus, people aren't allowed to swim in the ocean (Navy regulations). So there wouldn't be much use for these items even if you were allowed to bring them.


Other questions?

This is by no means a complete list of questions we receive and we hope to update this as we receive new questions.

If you have any other questions, ask them below and we'll respond as soon as possible. We may also add them to this page. Thank you in advance!

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