This year’s “Volunteer of the Year” award goes to Robin Birney!


Robin’s help this season on San Nicolas Island has been invaluable. She has helped with every aspect of our work on the island, from propagating plants to getting them in the ground. Robin has spent 44 days on the island, some of which have been multi-day trips, but most have been single-day trips.

When asked about her time volunteering, she had this to say:

“It was an honor to take part in the restoration of the native habitat on San Nicolas Island. I had such a great time, meeting so many people from all across our state and country. All of us were so excited to be on SNI. We also went to world class sites to observe nature in its wildest forms. Very few people have spent time at Rock Crusher, Red Eye Beach, Mineral Canyon, or Flat Rock, where we saw an octopus, black abalone, island foxes, elephant seals, sea lions and cormorants. Thanks to Kelle, Kevin and Sarah we learned a wealth of information about SNI, natives and how to plant them in rock hard earth. Our leaders’ patience and sense humor provided the bases for all the successes. I had the time of my life!”

We are incredibly grateful to have the help of Robin and all of our wonderful volunteers. Our work simply would not happen without you all.