Channel Islands Restoration will offer volunteer-funded restoration trips to Santa Rosa Island this
fall, in partnership with Channel Islands National Park.  There is no grant funding available to support all the many costs associated with this project, so CIR turns to our volunteers to cover some of the cost of these trips.  In return, volunteers enjoy an extraordinary experience!  The trips are designed to accomplish important environmental restoration projects, while enabling volunteers to enjoy some of the most beautiful and remote sections of that vast island.

CIR’s Santa Rosa trips are structured to provide plenty of satisfying volunteer work, yet also include time to enjoy hikes and swimming and spectacular views.  Volunteers work an average of 6 hours per day, excluding travel days.  Additional time needed for travel to and from work sites will make a full day.

Volunteers learn about island conservation, history, geology and ecology while helping to restore Santa Rosa’s unique island habitat.  The volunteer work adds to the enjoyment and understanding of the challenges involved with managing such a large island.

Volunteers will be involved with a wide variety of projects which may include stabilizing eroding slopes and gullies, planting natives, working in the island nursery, chaparral restoration and fence removal.  Volunteers need to be energetic and in good physical condition.

Volunteers usually camp at the Water Canyon campground, and CIR provides camp stoves, pots and pans and some ice (or ice blocks) for your coolers.  Solar-heated showers are also available at the campground.  In some cases volunteers may stay at the new Santa Rosa Island Field Station.  Watch for email announcements regarding trips in September or October, and feel free to visit the trip web site for more information: