West Santa Cruz (The Nature Conservancy)

SCI Fieldwork Cleveland School

Channel Islands Restoration offers multi-day trips to perform critical habitat restoration and other volunteer work on western Santa Cruz Island on portions of the island owned by The Nature Conservancy. Participating groups have the opportunity to visit a gorgeous nature reserve reminiscent of California's past, while working to protect rare plant and animal species on the largest of the California Channel Islands. Contact CIR if your group would like to help us with this important work. Follow the links above to learn more about our program on the island with schools, clubs, service and corporate groups.

CIR personnel have been working on this portion of the island since 2000, and we helped organize the Santa Cruz Island Native Plant Restoration Project in 2002. Under this project, we successfully removed more than 30,000 invasive trees, worked directly to project several species of endangered plants and brought hundreds of volunteers to the island to help in this critical work. CIR is currently conducting a project to remove Vinca major from Cañada del Puerto, the largest riparian area on the island.