CIR Services and Products

Resource Inventory and Assessment

  • Resource management and conservation planning, including biological assessments, surveys, and investigations
  • Vegetation mapping & analysis, including submerged aquatic vegetation
  • Wetland classification, delineation, assessment, and functional analysis
  • Lake and pond initial scoping documentation and diagnostic feasibility studies
  • Municipal and county environmental resource inventories
  • Comparative wetland functional assessment
  • Functional value analyses for special water resource protection areas
  • Floristic inventories and analyses
  • Rare and endangered species assessments
  • Ecosystem services inventories and analyses, with special emphasis on Mediterranean ecosystems

Gaviota Creek Esturary Resestoration Plan

Gaviota Creek Esturary Resestoration Plan

Environmental Planning and Management

  • Environmental impact analysis and reporting
  • Environmental assessments
  • Compensatory mitigation planning and reporting
  • Comprehensive conservation plans
  • Natural resource management plans
  • Solar facility environmental impact analysis
  • Management of multiuse natural reserves
  • Nature park planning and implementation
  • Interpretive plans and signage

Education and Outreach

  • Presentations and classroom instruction at all age levels regarding natural resources management and restoration ecology
  • Internships and volunteer opportunities
  • Field trips with focus on Channel Islands or California mainland natural resources
Arundo  eradication at Refugio Creek

Arundo eradication at Refugio Creek

Treating fennel on San Clemente Island

Treating fennel on San Clemente Island

Ecological Restoration

  • Conceptual and final restoration planning and reporting
  • Habitat restoration design, planning, permitting, implementation, oversight, maintenance, monitoring, and long-term management
  • Wetland restoration with special interest in estuaries, freshwater marshes, and vernal pools
  • Riparian corridor enhancement and restoration
  • Coastal scrub enhancement and restoration
  • Channel Islands habitat restoration
  • Recovery of special interest species
  • Brownfields conversions
  • Bioswale, rain garden, and constructed wetland treatment of stormwater runoff
  • Nursery construction and management
  • Collection and propagation of native plant material
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Specialized invasive plant control, including in proximity to sensitive species and habitats

Treating  Arundo donax  in the Santa Clara River

Treating Arundo donax in the Santa Clara River

Research and Documentation

  • Development and management of systematics collections and other museum resources
  • Plant sciences research – descriptive, including taxonomic studies, and experimental studies
  • Comparative mitigation monitoring and assessment
  • Preparation of presentations and scientific publications and reports

Professional Contributions

  • Participation on science advisory panels and committees
  • Expert testimony