Channel Islands Restoration currently has hundreds of plants native to Ventura County available for sale.

Our Story: In 2017, Channel Islands Restoration gathered native seeds from many Ventura County watersheds including the Ventura River Watershed, the Santa Clara River Watershed, the Santa Monica Mountains, and others. With every seed collection we recorded the exact location so that genetic integrity would be ensured. This way we can provide you plants whose seeds were collected in your watershed.

Little did we know that the Thomas Fire would burn many of the mountain sides and other areas so soon after we’d collected the seeds. Since then, we have propagated these seeds in our native plant nursery in Camarillo (pictured above). We are now excited to make them available for sale for native habitat restoration to public agencies and to private landowners.

We currently have six species ready for sale and more on the way. We can also grow other species and fulfill custom orders at your request. The list of species is found below.

Our difference:

Channel Islands Restoration is committed to restoring our native habitat and preserving genetic diversity. Each batch of seeds has specific coordinates for their collection sites, allowing for hyper-local targeted restoration.

Channel Islands Restoration has over 18 years of habitat restoration experience and has collected seeds, grown, and planted over 50,000 native plants. We currently manage native plant nurseries in Camarillo, Summerland, and on San Nicolas Island.


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Currently available species

California Bricklebush
Brickellia californica

Available: 191
Collection location: Thousand Oaks

Habitat: coastal sage scrub, yellow pine forest, foothill woodland, chaparral, valley grassland.

Calscape landscaping information.

Bush Sunflower
Encelia californica

Available: 283
Collection location: Thousand Oaks

Habitat: coastal sage scrub, chaparral.

Calscape landscaping information.

California Buckwheat
Eriogonum fasciculatum

Available: 112
Collection location: Ventura River

Habitat: coastal sage scrub, valley grassland, sagebrush scrub, pinyon-juniper woodland, creosote bush scrub.

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Coulter's Matilija Poppy
Romneya coulteri

Available: 196
Collection location: N. Lake Casitas

Habitat: chaparral, coastal sage scrub.

Calscape landscaping information.

Purple Sage
Salvia leucophylla

Available: 11
Collection location: Santa Clara River

Habitat: coastal sage scrub.

Calscape landscaping information.

Black Sage
Salvia mellifera

Available: 9
Collection location: Ventura River

Habitat: coastal sage scrub, chaparral.

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Available Seeds - contact for pricing

Acmispon glaber (Deerweed)
Adenostoma fasciculatus (Chamise)
Artemisia californica (California Sagebush)
Baccharis salicifolia (Mulefat)
Calystegia macrostegia ssp. cyclostegia (Coast Morning Glory)
Castilleja affinis (Indian Paintbrush)
Ceanothus megacarpus (Bigpod Ceanothus)
Cercocarpus betuliodes (Mountain Mahogony)
Clematis lasiantha (Pipestems)
Deinandra fasciculata (Clustered Tarweed)
Diplacus aurantiacus (Sticky Monkey Flower)
Elymus condensatus (Giant Rye)
Encelia californica (California Bush Sunflower)
Eriogonum fasciulatum (California Buckwheat)
Hazardia squarosa var. grindeliodes (Saw Toothed Goldenbush)
Hesperoyucca whipplei (Chaparral Yucca)
Juglans californica (Southern Black Walnut)
Keckiella cordifolia (Climbing Penstemon)
Malacothamnus fasciculatus (Chaparral Bush Mallow)
Malacothrix saxatilis var. saxatilis (Clift Aster)
Malosma laurina (Laurel Sumac)
Marah fabaceus (California Man-Root)
Prunus illicifolia (Holly Leaf Cherry)
Rhamnus crocea (Redberry)
Rhus integrifolia (Lemonaid Berry)
Romneya coulteri (Coulter'S Matilija Poppy)
Salvia apiana (White Sage)
Salvia leucophylla (Purple Sage)
Salvia mellifera (Black Sage)
Sambucus nigra ssp caerulea (Blue Elderberry)
Solanum douglasii (Douglas' Nightshade)
Stipa lepida (Foothill Needle Grass)