On Sunday June 4th, an adventurous group of CIR supporters and volunteers were treated to a unique tour of the Santa Ynez ridge. as it has never been done before.naae Led by staff Senior Ecologist, Elihu Gevirtz and board member/renowned geologist Tanya Atwater, our tour ventured west from Santa Barbara, and after a brief stop to show the status of our restoration progress at Refugio State Beach, we turned north towards the Santa Ynez range.

Elihu recalled that “views of the Santa Barbara Channel and the Gaviota Coast were abundant all day, but the equally pleasing treat was the up-close view of two endemic shrubs, including Refugio Manzanita (Arctostaphylos refugioensis) with overlapping leaves and California false lupine (Thermopsis macrophylla) with tall and bright yellow flowers. Other beauties included my favorite: Wooly Blue Curls (Trichostema lanatum) with plumes of wispy, feathery blue flowers.”

We ended the trip at the historic Cold Springs Tavern where we ate lunch to the backdrop of the verdant green riparian corridors and the melodious blues of Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan.