CIR staff and volunteers remove iceplant on Santa Rosa Island.

CIR is excited to offer a series of restoration trips to Santa Rosa Island this fall, in partnership with Channel Islands National Park.

Supported by Channel Islands National Park, these 4- and 5-day trips are designed to accomplish important environmental restoration projects, while giving volunteers the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful and remote sections of that vast island.

Volunteers will help restore the unique “Cloud Forest” habitat on Santa Rosa Island.

“Cloud Forest” refers to the ability of the rare island oak trees and other vegetation that collect fog on their branches and leaves and naturally provide water for the island and its wildlife and ecosystem.

A long history of grazing and browsing on the high ridges of the island stripped away vegetation and caused deep soil erosion.

This project will start to restore these ridges, and therefore all of the island, by slowing erosion and replacing the lost fog-water-harvesting vegetation.

Volunteers learn about island conservation, history, geology and ecology while helping to restore Santa Rosa’s unique island habitat.

The volunteer work adds to the enjoyment and understanding of the challenges involved with managing such a large island.

CIR’s Santa Rosa trips are structured to provide plenty of satisfying volunteer work, yet also include time to enjoy this vast and spectacular island.

Volunteers will stay in indoor lodging at the Santa Rosa Island Field Station, operated by CSU Channel Islands.

Watch for email announcements regarding trips this fall!

Sarah Chaney (NPS ecologist) directs CIR volunteers.