The Southern California Wetland Recovery Project (SCWRP) recently awarded CIR a grant to remove invasive plants on Santa Cruz Island.  The project will target the removal of periwinkle (

Vinca major

) in Cañada del Puerto, the largest riparian area on the island (on Nature Conservancy property).  Although periwinkle makes an attractive garden plant, it spreads aggressively in creeks, creating large mats that smother and kill native vegetation.  

  Ridge Road on Santa Cruz Island

Volunteers will have a chance to participate in the trips, which will be four-days in length.  Volunteers will stay at the UC Reserve Field Station in the island's Central Valley, will be treated to evening presentations and will have a chance to visit parts of the island not normally open to the public.  

  Cañada del Puerto, Santa Cruz Island

The SCWRP grant will pay for island housing and vehicles, plus restoration supplies and CIR staff.  Volunteers will be asked to pay for their transportation on Islands Packers.  A multi-day volunteer trip to the Central Valley on Santa Cruz Island is truly a special opportunity that few people have a chance to experience!

   School kids remove

Vinca major

on Santa Cruz Island

Watch your email for announcements of these trips, probably starting in October.